Borough Announcement

Announcement from West Newton Borough Council to the residents of our community.

West Newton Borough Council understands the frustrations of our Communities’ Business Owners, Residents, Patrons, etc.  Therefore, the Borough Council would like to make the community aware of the following statements:

. Main Street Sewage Project: Jet Jack, the company hired to do the restoration project, pulled out before the job was complete. West Newton Borough Council have been working with our Engineers whom have been in contact daily with the contractor – Jet Jack. Jet Jack had promised 3 weeks in a row that they are scheduled to come back. They have failed to do so and are now not answering phone calls. We have our solicitor and the engineers both working diligently on this matter. Please feel free to contact Jet Jack on behalf of our community.

. The Beechwood Building: According to Westmoreland Landbank, this building has made it on their schedule and is proposed to be demolished beginning the week of November 14th. Again, this is what Council had been told, unknown circumstances are uncontrolled by the Borough. Council had the Public Works crew place caution tape and signs in front of Beechwood to ensure the safety of our citizens.

. The Senior Center building: The Senior Center had debris fall from their roof during high winds on Saturday, November 5th. Again, to ensure public safety, the sidewalk on North Water Street side had to be taped off. The building owner was notified and states it is not from his building and denies the Borough access to see if it is. We are working again diligently to resolve this issue as there are some legal steps the Borough Council must go through in order to have this resolved. As of right now the sidewalk on North Water Street side will remain closed.

While it may seem to the general public that the Borough Council are allowing for all of these issues to go on without being addressed, please know we are working very hard on resolving all issues. We are just as frustrated as all of you are and want nothing more than all projects to be completed as immediately as possible.

Thank you,

West Newton Borough Council

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