Administrative Emergency Plan

West Newton Administrative Emergency Plan:

After careful review of other municipalities policies and careful consideration of West Newton Borough Council and recommendations by our solicitor, the following precautionary measures will be implemented due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19).

The following procedures, effective March 18, 2020 are being implemented.

The Borough Building Administrative Offices are closed to the public. You may reach the borough office by phoning 724.872.6860 or emailing, between the hours of 8 AM – 4 PM. Contingency plans have been put in place, in the event it is necessary for our Borough Secretary to work from home.

The Street and Sewage Departments will remain operational, but will avoid unnecessary contact with the public. If you need to contact the street or sewage departments, please make sure you call the Borough number: 724.872.6860 and the secretary will make the connection for you.

Tax collector will accept payments via mail or drop box located at Pittsburgh Street. Send payments to: 510 Pittsburgh Street, West Newton, PA 15089.

The Zoning Officer, Mike Stack will continue to do inspections via phone request. Call the Borough if you need to schedule an inspection. He will also follow social distancing policies and the six-foot rule when dealing with residents. All buildings up for inspection must be vacated while he is performing occupancy inspections. Meetings will be conducted outside similar to the Police Policies that have been implemented during this Pandemic.

The Trash Collection, County Waste Management have also set policies in place during this state of emergency and all documents will be uploaded to facebook on Mayor’s page and also on the Borough Website (

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