CodeRED is a FREE emergency notification service provided to Westmoreland County residents to notify them of emergency information through:

  • phone calls
  • text messages
  • emails
  • social media
  • CodeRED Mobile Alert App

During online registration, users can provide multiple addresses in Westmoreland County (such as home, work, or school) to recieve targeted notifications directly impacting each location.

These notifications are not intended to replace critical time-sensitive information that is provided via the Emergency Alert System, which is broadcast via television and radio stations, along with NOAA Weather Radio.

The CodeRED mobile app, which delivers free emergency notifications to Westmoreland County residents, is also used by other communities throughout the United States and Canada for alerts. Travelers with the app can remain better informed and safe by receiving alerts from public safety officials who use CodeRED in those areas. Location services must be turned on mobile devices to receive CodeRED alerts during travel.

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