West Newton Borough


YAY!!!!!  Electronic Recycling Event–Thursday, May 24 from 8:00 to 2:00–COME EARLY–will have to shut down when dumpster full–West Newton Library parking lot–this is for West Newton Borough residents only–

Chipping is over until October—Time to spruce up and make West Newton shine.

Things to remember:

It is against the Borough Ordinance to have your grass more than 7 inches high.  First letter is a notice, subsequent violations impose a $100.00 Municipal Lien per notice against your property

Also blowing grass out on the street is against both Borough Ordinance and the DEP regulation that prohibits debris washing into catch and storm basins.

Chief Indof is patrolling the Borough on a regular basis and violators will be prosecuted.

Smart Meter Installation:

West Penn Power will be starting to install smart meters on our customers’ homes and businesses that are serviced by our Charleroi Service Center starting in February. This effort is in response to Pennsylvania Act 129, which requires all large electric utilities in Pennsylvania to install smart meters.

This step toward a more modernized electric system will help us reduce the number of estimated bills and lower some of our operational costs. Smart meters also may eventually help us improve our ability to respond to outages faster and more efficiently. Plus, customers will have access to more detailed energy information through our online Home Energy Analyzer tool that will help you better understand your electricity use—which means you can then make informed decisions on how to manage and control your electricity consumption.

The customer notification process is as follows:

  1. Customers will be notified approximately one month before the meter is exchanged. They will receive a brochure in the mail that will provide information about the meter and the installation process.
  2. A few weeks prior to the actual installation date, the customer will receive a letter that will give them the time period of when we will be in the area to exchange the meter.
  3. On the day of the installation, an installer will come to the door to let the customer know that they are installing the meter. If no one is home, we will leave a door hanger either indicating that the meter has been changed or asking the customer to contact us to schedule an appointment to change the meter. The installers could be FirstEnergy installers or Wellington Energy installers. FirstEnergy installers will have FirstEnergy uniforms and trucks. Wellington Energy installers will wear a brown uniform with a Wellington logo and their white trucks will have Wellington Energy and FirstEnergy logos. Wellington employees will also carry FirstEnergy identification badges.

Note that the company is required by Pennsylvania law to install a smart meter for all our Pennsylvania customers. Pennsylvania does not have an opt-out option. If customers have questions about smart meters, they should call us at 855-344-3400. This is a dedicated number for smart meter questions.

Additional Materials:

Smart Meter Accuracy Fact Sheet
Smart Meter Security and Privacy Fact Sheet
Smart Meter Radio Frequency Fact Sheet

Property Foreclosure Registration

To register a foreclosure property (or to file a citizen complaint regarding a property issue), please visit http://community.prochamps.com/pa/westmoreland/west-newton-borough. Any questions with respect to registration requirements, registration status, etc. should be directed to SUPPORT@PROCHAMPS.COM.

Appeal for FEMA Flood Map changes

To appeal a home’s placement in what is officially called a Special Flood Hazard Area, the homeowner must show the lowest adjacent grade, or the lowest ground touching the structure, is at or above what is called the Base Flood Elevation. The Base Flood Elevation is the computed elevation to which flood water is anticipated to rise during the base flood used in determining the land is in a Special Flood Hazard Area.

Commissioner Miller noted that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to provide this information in a letter to FEMA. For this type of appeal, called a Letter of Map Amendment, there is no charge to the consumer.

Homeowners can get more information on how to appeal a flood zone designation, get a flood map, and find answers to other questions, by going to https://www.fema.gov/information-homeowners. Homeowners can also call 1-877-FEMA-MAP (1-877-336-2627) to get information on appealing a flood zone designation.

Council Work Session and Regular Meeting Schedule

Council work sessions are generally held on the first Tuesday of each month. Regular monthly meetings are always held on the second Tuesday of each month. Both begin at 6:30.

Budget Work sessions every Monday In October and November, unless otherwise noted, beginning at 6:30 in Council Chambers

Public Notices Change

Due to the closure of the Times Sun, all public notices and advertisements will be in the Tribune Review

No Kill traps and Rat Poison are available at Borough Building

Board Vacancies

Looking  for residents interested in serving on the Zoning Hearing Board? Please contact Borough Office!!!

Large Garbage Items

The garbage company takes one large item per week, you MUST call 724-437-7336 if you are going to have something out. Large items such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, etc must have Freon removed and tagged.

Professional Tree Services

Please contact the Borough via telephone, email or this website to have local events listed on the calendar


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